A journey into gaming

Christina, an Assistant Producer in team Skyhook, tells us about how she got into gaming and what her role as a Women in Games ambassador involves… 

When I was little, my sister introduced me to video games – she had a PlayStation 1 and I would sneak into her room and play Resident Evil.

After this, I was hooked.  My parents bought me different consoles over the years so I could play all sorts of games to my heart’s content – brilliant!

When I realised that people had jobs that involved making these things that I was enjoying, everything fell into place.

I went to college and studied game development and design for two years, achieving my diploma. They were very good at giving advice on how to enter the industry and we learned that a common route was through QA, so this was on the top of my search list.

Fortunately, in Liverpool, we’re lucky to have a thriving community of gaming companies, big and small. One of these companies is Sony and a vacancy opened up in QA – lots of people apply for these jobs so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was extremely pleased when I was able to secure a position and I wanted to make the most of the opportunity I had been given.

Whilst I was at Sony – for around three years – I was able to get involved in some really interesting projects and initiatives. This ranged from supporting LGBTQ+ events as part of the diversity group, to an initiative to extend the knowledge of gaming experiences across the wider company.

Some of the people I worked with are good friends now – it was a great experience for my first job in the industry.

Of course, the best was yet to come as the end of my time at Sony meant the start of a new adventure with Skyhook.

Joining Skyhook

I joined Skyhook during lockdown, but that didn’t stop me from feeling settled in within days of joining the company. Right from the start, the team took an interest in my interests and have supported them. We also have weekly game nights!

My job as Assistant Producer involves:

  • Working with three teams, overseeing and managing the workflow
  • Being a point of contact for internal and external teams
  • Reviewing any challenges and arranging meetings to work through blockers
  • Learning! I’ve learnt a lot about the art and technical sides that I didn’t previously know about
  •  Asking plenty of questions – this helps me to learn the most and manage the projects to the best of my ability

I’m able to watch concept art transform into an asset, watching the process involving lighting and textures and a keen attention to detail to produce the final product. Helping my team to achieve this is what gives me satisfaction and pride in my job.


Job Highlights

Progression opportunities

From assistant to senior, you can work your way up through the roles you enjoy.

Meeting new people

From new members of Skyhook to people from other gaming studios, you can regularly talk to new people.

Helping the team

Being able to take a limited or confusing brief/instruction and translate this into more helpful communications.

Variety of challenges

The work is challenging yet rewarding. The tasks are always varied, as you move from one project to another with different organisations.

Women in Games ambassador

As a women in games ambassador, I get involved in activities – in collaboration with other companies and studios – that are designed to ultimately inspire young girls who are interested in gaming, to consider the career options within the games industry.

This includes hosting events and talking about what’s going on in the industry. The idea is to reinforce the fact that working in the world of games isn’t just about ‘making models’, but there are lots of different interesting avenues to explore – you can be involved in release management, you can be a producer or art director… it isn’t always about the coding side of things, and that’s the message that we want to spread, to encourage people of all gender identities and backgrounds to pursue their interests and ambitions.

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