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We work with video game companies in the UK and beyond to deliver art outsourcing and game development solutions. This means that game studios who are looking for extra support to develop their next game can connect with our team and leverage their experience and skills to bring the final product to life.

If you are looking for artists with wide-ranging experience and a keen eye for detail, our team can help to get your game to the finish line. Our team works flexibly to provide the game art solutions you need to develop your game.

Skyhook is your art outsourcing and game development partner, ready to step in when needed and help you to raise your game.

a creative production house based in liverpool,uk.
delivering game art to companies worldwide.

Welcome to Skyhook Games, we’re here to lift you out of tricky situations and boost the development of your games.

Your game art will be carefully looked after by our experienced team who can help at any stage of your project.

If you’re looking for the creation of realistic environments, props and vehicles, then you’ve landed in the right place.

You might already have the answers, but need some extra pairs of hands to help put the pieces together. At Skyhook Games, we can provide those helping hands.

Or, you might have a few questions and be looking for extra support to get your game across the finish line. Our team is happy to discuss ideas and help you to achieve the finished product you need.

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3d environment art

immersive, stunning environments…
transporting you to a different world

From stunning, memorable vistas and real-world landscapes through to dystopian futures; whatever your project demands, our environmental art team here can conceptualise and bring your ideas to life.

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3d vehicle art

trains, planes and automobiles….
vehicle art without boundaries

We can take your idea from a concept, to developed sketches, to creative designs, and then to amazingly realistic real-world vehicles.

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at our work

3d props art

from low to high poly…
delivering quality assets to bring your
scene to life

Whether you want props designed in any style or format or want to supplement your own team with short term seconded staff, Skyhook can help you.

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our work and
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our experience

3d character art

From concept to realisation…
bringing your characters to life

The centre piece of a storyboard or a game is
often the characters, so it’s important to work
with a team that can bring your creation and
vision to life.

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our work and
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our experience

concept art

taking your ideas along the pathway
to reality…
from thumbnails to final realisation

Our concept artists can bring your ideas to life in any style you can imagine. We can help with your game pitches to communicate your ideas, transforming them into models, games and products. From rapid prototyping and early visualisation to in-game assets and marketing

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careers at skyhook games

These are our current vacancies. If you are a passionate and
talented individual interested in exploring careers at Skyhook
Games, we would love to hear from you.

the projects
Working on exciting new IP content across all next gen consoles. No 2 days are ever the same!
the people
You need a strong team to create amazing games. We nurture a creative environment to help our team thrive.
the perks
Extra holidays, contributory pension, flexible working hours, free parking, remote working options and ongoing training.
the process
Show us the projects that you’ve worked on, we’ll have a chat and then show us what you can do! We keep the hiring process simple.


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