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Why Skyhook?

Uplifting experiences

We work with video game companies in the UK and beyond to deliver art outsourcing and game development solutions. This means that game studios who are looking for extra support to develop their next game can connect with our team and leverage their experience and skills to bring the final product to life.

If you are looking for artists with wide-ranging experience and a keen eye for detail, our team can help to get your game to the finish line. Our team works flexibly to provide the game art solutions you need to develop your game.

Skyhook is your art outsourcing and game development partner, ready to step in when needed and help you to raise your game.

Dovetail Games
Derek Siddle Dovetail Games Head of Content
“Skyhook Games have been working closely with Dovetail Games since 2014. They have consistently delivered quality across our main franchise collection. With their vast experience and talent, as well as being able to quickly adapt to a range of workflows, software and technology, we are able to plan and deliver effectively.”
Lucid Games
Jeff Lewis Lucid Games Game Director
"Working with Skyhook has been a great experience for Lucid Games. Their work is of a very high quality, their communication clear and succinct and turnaround is always very fast. We look forward to working with them again in the future and highly recommend their services"
Marauders Team17 PC
Their professionalism, experience and communication had a real positive impact on development. Team17 look forward to working with Skyhook again in the future and are happy to recommend their services.

We can work in the software or system you need.
From the most popular to the lesser-known...
If you use it, we have someone who’s great at it.


Supporting the development of realistic 3D environments in our creations, used reliably across multiple projects with an array of clients.


Immersive, interactive experiences made possible with this highly popular game engine, accessible to creators across the globe.


Realistic materials created through this highly sophisticated software, bringing environments to life for games of all kinds, and in particular, for planes, trains and automobiles.


Lead Designer

Rick is Lead Game Designer and brings his passion for games, film and music to everything he does.

Why do you love being a Game Designer?

“There are two main reasons why I love game design. Firstly, I love to solve problems, and I look at game design as a series of problems to solve to make the game the best it can be. Secondly, design is so broad a subject, one day you are reviewing a location design, the next a UI flow. No two days are ever the same.”


Environment Artist

Lewis is an environment artist specialising in creating stunning real worlds scenes in UE4.

Why do you love being an Environment Artist?

“I love the process of creating believable worlds for the player to experience. Whether it be a real world replication
or something from the art teams imagination. It is a very challenging but equally rewarding job role.”


Lead Vehicle Artist

Jason is senior vehicle artist specialising in high poly vehicles for simulation games

Why do you like working at Skyhook?

“Skyhook gives me the flexibility to work in an environment that I am comfortable with, the people are great and the projects are innovative.”


Art Director

Jon has a hands-on role creating and managing art production within Skyhook Games.

“I’ve worked in games since 1996, I still love to see a neat wireframe with every poly counting, and the challenge that creates”

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