3d character art

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bringing your characters to life

The centre piece of a storyboard or a game is often the characters, so it’s important to work with a team that can bring your creation and vision to life.

With character creation the limit is your imagination, from stylised to realistic; our team can create 2D or 3D characters in the style of your choosing. The most important element is that your vision, whatever that may be, will be brought to life in every minute detail by our experienced character art team. Whether you need a single high or low poly character to an entire army of characters, we are ready to deploy the exact team you need to deliver your project.

rigging and
high and low

take a look at our work and benefit from our experience

Here at Skyhook, we have worked on lots of great projects from realistic character design to animated personalities. Below are just a few examples of 3D character art we have completed, within projects such as Lawn Mowing Simulator, Destruction Allstars, Kartoon Racers and Avakin life.

Why not look below at some samples of our character art and get in touch now?

The only limit is your imagination!

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