What Is Lawn Mowing Simulator?

Lawn Mowing Simulator allows you to enjoy the challenge and serenity of mowing the Great British countryside in a variety of modes, while ensuring cash flow of your empire remains as green as the blades you’re cutting.

Announced in the March 2021 [email protected] conference. Before Lawn Mowing Simulator releases later this year, Skyhook Games and Curve Digital are giving players access to the game for a limited time period via the Xbox Insider program. Pre-registration starts now, with the flight taking place from April 2nd until April 16th.

Lawn Mowing Simulator is coming to Microsoft Series S/X and Steam on PC.

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Real Licensed Mowers

Feel the deep rumble of the engine, the speed of the chassis and control the cutting decks on Toro, STIGA and SCAG Power Equipment Lawn Mowers, all perfectly recreated using licenses from our specialised partners. Choose between 12 Mowers models, each with their own challenges, attachments and upgrades to unlock

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Lay your eyes on a picture of perfection set in a beautiful British countryside town. Visit a variety of stunning locales from large equestrian fields, vast castle grounds, quaint cottage greens and even the comfort of a private garden, all beautifully created using Unity Engine. Each area has been meticulously handcrafted to provide you the satisfaction of cutting every blade of grass to the perfect length

Create An Evergreen Business

Build your own lawncare business from the ground up. Ensure the money earned on jobs is used effectively. Hire new staff, buy new machines, purchase advertising and balance the books as you grow and expand your business.  Improve your mowing skills and equipment with attachments from stripe rollers, mulching kits, grass collectors, recyclers, flail decks and more.

Choose your game type

Take the lawn care world by storm in an expanded and in-depth Career mode, take some time for yourself in Free Roam Mode, or challenge your grass cutting ability on a variety of lawn mowing machines in a range of tasks in Challenge Mode

Out now

on PC and Microsoft Xbox Series S|X

Licenced Manufacturers

We are proud to have the support of 3 global mower manufacturers with Toro, Stiga and Scag.

Additional Mowers

Alongside the real world mowers we have created a selection of fictitious vehicles for you to enjoy.

Rural British Locations

Mow the grass in a typical paddock

Use the right machine for the job

Upgrade to larger machines as you play to tackle bigger jobs.

Interested to learn more?

Hop on your Mower and head over to our Discord, our Twitter, or check out Lawn Mowing Simulator over on Steam and the Xbox store.