here’s why more leading developers are working with skyhook.

give your project the visual lift it deserves.

The right artwork can transform a gaming experience from enjoyable to fully immersive.

So, let’s talk about your project and why you would come to us?

Expertise and experience

We can provide a design team with vast experience. From concept and 3D environment art to 3D character design, prop design and detailed vehicle art, we will bring your ideas and imagination to life.

Hitting deadlines

You will get professional and clear project management, working to ensure your deadlines and expectations are met; but preferably exceeded.

Team extension – short and long term

You will get enthusiasm and passion from a team that can work as an extension to your own business and gives you the capacity to achieve your goals.

Put simply that’s because we genuinely care and love what we do. Plus, the bonus is we are great people to deal with (or so we have been told!)

Please take a look at some of our work and then why not get in touch?  It would be a privilege to work on your project and we would absolutely love to speak to you.

Concept Art

From prototyping to creating concept art, your 2D or 3D concept artwork will be created with detail and passion it deserves.

The team here have worked on numerous projects supplying anything from realistic game assets,
to stylised character assets.

Visit our dedicated concept art page to learn more about our services and projects!

3D Vehicle Art

We have extensive amounts of experience with creating vehicle art… we created.. for …

Creating stylised to simulator ready vehicles, our team has extensive experience of hard surface modelling for a range of different clients.

Visit our vehicle art page to see more examples of our work!

3D Environment Art

Our team can provide you with outstanding environment art for both PC and console gaming while ensuring high levels of project management and internal QA.

From creating worlds from the ground up, to embedding in a client’s workflow. Our team creates assets, dresses scenes within engine and can provide technical set up.

For more information, click onto our environment art page!

3D Props

Whether you want props designed in any style or format or want to supplement your own team with short term seconded staff, Skyhook can help you.

We have embedded staff working on projects worldwide and our team has experience delivering hundreds of detailed props on some truly fantastic projects to a global client base.

Visit our props art page for more information!

3D Character Art

From stylised to realistic; our team can create 2D or 3D characters in the style of your choosing.

The most important element is that your vision, whatever that may be, will be realised by our experience character art team. Whether you need a single high or low poly character to an entire army of characters, we are ready to deliver your project.

Visit our character art page for more details!

What tools/software do we use?


Unreal Engine Technology


Unity Engine


Maya Software

3DS Max

3DS Max Software


Blender Software


Substance Software


Houdini Software


ZBrush Software

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