3D Environment Art

immersive, stunning environments…

transporting you to a different world

From stunning, memorable vistas and real-world landscapes through to dystopian futures; whatever your project demands, our environmental art team here can conceptualise and bring your ideas to life.

The right 2D or 3D environment art can bring the wow factor and set the entire style of any gaming experience, so getting the team right to deliver your vision is incredibly important.

“Skyhook Games helped us scale up on 3D modelling and level art capacity for Marauders. They embedded themselves quickly and painlessly, gave clear guidance on progress throughout, and exceeded benchmarks for both time and quality of delivery.

Their professionalism, experience and communication had a real positive impact on development. Team17 look forward to working with Skyhook again in the future and are happy to recommend their services.”

Lorraine Kennerly – Studio Outsourcing Manager – Team17 Digital Ltd

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high quality

so why choose skyhook?

Whether it’s ultra-realistic, stylised or 3D animated environments our experienced art team have delivered artwork projects from detailed city streets and metropolis buildings to sprawling dense forests and idyllic environments.

If you want to work alongside creative people who genuinely get excited by delivering your vision, then why not contact us today?

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When we create environmental art, we apply all the expertise we have delivered on projects such as our own Lawn Mowing Simulator, Dovetail’s Train Sim World series and many more. Please look below at some of our environmental artwork.

We love working on new projects and we are just a phone call or email away from working on yours.

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