Roads aren’t something that we at Skyhook are familiar with. We’ve created rail bound, enormous trains for Dovetail and their Train Sim World franchise, we’ve made vibrant battle domes with Lucid Games on Destruction All Stars, and our very own Lawn Mowing Simulator deals with the great outdoors and plethora of grassy knolls. 

But all that is about to change, as we’ve revealed our very own roadmap for Lawn Mowing Simulator! Want to know more about what’s coming? Well, here’s a very handy image! 

Lawn Mower Simulator DLC Road map

First up in September we had the Patterson RO-A; a side discharge mower which is perfect for trimming up small lawns which feature tight spaces. This is available right now for players to check out, just head to your HQ and purchase it for it to be part of your shiny inventory!

For October, the SCAG V-Ride II arrived on to the overgrown gardens of Lawn Mowing Simulator; fit for all your grass perfecting needs. Featuring 13 cut height settings, a top speed of 10.5MPH and being the first stander type mower in Lawn Mowing Simulator, we’re sure the SCAG V-Ride II will bring you tears of glee with its cutting prowess.

November sees our first non-mower piece of DLC come to Lawn Mower Simulator in the form of Strimmers! This has been a popular ask from players since the day we launched and we’re excited for players to be able to get into the trickier elements of the lawns and make sure every blade is cut. As you can tell, we’re very excited about this. All existing contract locations will have been amended to make the most of the new strimmers.

Lastly, for January, we’ll be releasing another non-mower piece of DLC with Blowers! Making sure your paths stay free of grass is important in the real world, and we thought it only right to reflect this in Lawn Mowing Simulator. Grab your blower and make sure everything is neat and tidy before you finish the contract! 


On top of all of this, all of the above is free to owners of Lawn Mowing Simulator alongside a number of quality of life improvements such as wheel support, bug fixes and the expansion of business management elements! If you’re yet to join the world of calm grass cutting joy, you can head over to Steam or the Microsoft Store today to check out the game in full. Want to be part of Skyhook and our next forays? We’re hiring now!