In American railroading, there are few places that evoke more history and drama. The breath-taking Horseshoe Curve was J. Edgar Thompson’s engineering marvel and the signature achievement of the great Pennsylvania Railroad’s 1850s crossing of the Allegheny Mountains.

Located at Kittanning Point, west of the PRR’s great shop town of Altoona, Pennsylvania, Horseshoe Curve stretches 2,375 feet (700 meters) in length, and with a gradient of 1.8 percent, lifted the legendary Pennsylvania’s four-track mainline from an elevation of 1,594 feet (486 meters) on its lower (eastern) end to 1,716 feet (523 meters) on its upper (western) end.

It is up to you to take charge of the services along this beautiful, famous line and carry the heavy freight to the designated locations.

Skyhook Games, TSW, Horseshoe Curve

Take control of either of the NS GP38-2’s or NS ES44AC’s, make sure you maintain your speed while descending some steep gradients. Drive across the many different features of the route such as:

  • 40-mile (64 km) route from Altoona to Johnstown, Pennsylvania
  • Also includes 18-mile (29 km) South Fork Branch to Windber, Pennsylvania
  • GE ES44AC in Norfolk Southern livery
  • EMD GP38-2 in Norfolk Southern livery
  • Open top mill gondola, TOFC flatcar, Coal hopper, Three bay covered hopper, Box car, Ballast hopper, Doublestack container car and tank car
  • Highly detailed, feature-rich, driving cabs with accurate true-to-life performance and handling
  • Journey Mode featuring over 24 hours of activities for you to master
  • Accessible Training Modules and 8 detailed and engaging scenarios
  • Extensive 24-hour Timetable
  • A selection of Route Tasks to complete
  • Livery Designer, Scenario Planner and Creators Club
  • Powered by Dovetail Games’ proprietary Simugraph® vehicle dynamics engine and Unreal Engine 4® technology

Horseshoe Curve is available now on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation!