Do you know what we love around here? JUXTAPOSITIONS. And do you know what our favourite juxtapositions are? LAWN MOWING JUXTAPOSITIONS. And what’s more juxtaposition-y than placing cutting-edge (sorry not sorry) mowing tech at some of the UK’s most ancient landmarks? 

Let’s face it; few countries across this strange world of ours can boast the rich heritage of our lush little island, and that’s why we couldn’t wait to share our Ancient Britain DLC with you. Not only does it give you the chance to get up close and personal with these incredible sites, but it also gave us the chance to push ourselves to the limit and create some of the most beautiful locations we think fans will remember for a long time. 

After all; it’s one thing to make a mistake when you’re trimming a domestic backyard; it’s quite another thing to collide with The Royal Stones…


Ancient Britain Lawn Mowing Simulator DLC


When it came to selecting new locations in which we could set our lawn-lovers free, the four locations packed into our new Ancient Britain DLC – The Royal Stones, Druid Tor, The Ancient Aurochs, and Aurochs Hill – seemed perfect, especially for our players who’ve never been to the UK. 

Of course, these new locations are not only beautiful but sacred, too. That’s why it’s critical to diversify your toolset and pick the right tool for each job, including our all-new (and free!) string strimmers or weed whackers so you not only get the job done quickly but extremely carefully. 

The free update, by the way? The idea for that came from our “lush” player base. We’ve been so amazed – sometimes even a bit emotional! – about the incredible support we’ve had for Lawn Mowing Simulator, so the free update was our way of saying thank you. We also like to think it’s proof of just how important our community is to us, and how carefully we listen to their ideas and feedback. In case you didn’t know, strimmers was one of our most popular requests!


Strimmer Lawn Mowing Simulator


Ancient Britain is out now on PC via Steam, and will be coming to Xbox Series X|S on 2nd December! For those of you on Xbox, also be on the lookout for Lawn Mowing Simulator hitting Xbox Game Pass soon!