Skyhook Summer Social 2022

Recently the Skyhook team held the annual Summer Social event. Let me take you through the events of the afternoon - and bits of the evening!

The Calm before the storm

The afternoon kicked off with a presentation from our Managing Director, David and Financial Director, Graham. They walked us all through the progress Skyhook has made in the previous year, along with the success of Lawn Mowing Simulator and our outsourcing projects. Also, they provided updates on some very exciting developments concerning the growth of the business and potential future projects! We can’t say anything as of yet, but stay tuned for any announcements…

It was great to see such a brilliant turnout in the office. We don’t get many opportunities to have as many together as we did here, some members of staff travelled from all over the country to be there! With a substantial number in, we had planned to hold a raffle for our chosen charity of the year, North West Cancer Research. We managed to raise a fantastic £105! A massive thank you to those who entered and congratulations to the winners! 

Setting Sail around the Albert Dock

After the presentation and cake (yum!), armed with a box full of beverages and a playlist of requests from members of staff , we headed down to the marina, where we had planned a boat ride around the Albert Dock. It was a lot of fun to see the wandering eyes gaze around the boat in either approval or disapproval at the choice of song! Shout out to the guys in the photo by the way! Looking good boys!

Black Lodge Brewing

So now we’re out of drinks (mostly), we’re all feeling a bit peckish. How did we address this? We headed back to land for a start. Once safely ashore, we made our way over to Black Lodge Brewing. One of our art team won a botte of Bollinger in the raffle earlier;  he was kind enough to pop it open and pour a few glasses for us. Nice one Adam! 

As the night drew in, we filtered around to the firepit where we spent the next few hours chilling out next to the flames. After the rave on the boat, the tranquillity of this setting was a great way to follow on. Unfortunately for most, this was the end of the evening, some did carry on further into the night but we don’t need to go into that here…

Check out some more random photos below!

Skyhook Games Summer Social 2022

It’s always a pleasure to be at these events and a massive thank you to everyone who made the trip to be with us! Can’t wait to do it again next year. If you’d like to join the Skyhook team then why not check out our current vacancies here!