skyhook games visits lma liverpool

Today, our Art Director Jon Greenwell visited LMA Liverpool to attend a panel to observe presentations from students. As part of the course, they must present a game which they have spent the last few months planning. If that wasn’t enough, they then faced questions from industry professionals… no pressure then!

down to business…

The pitches consisted of students presenting data from specific development details to a breakdown of full budget breakdown. All students showed clear talents in a multitude of areas and all left a positive impression on the panel. It was truly fascinating to see the diverse ideas shown, all projects had very different but incredibly intriguing aspects to them. For instance, we were presented with narratives which peaked our interests as well as game mechanics which show real promise! The industry has grown tremendously in recent years, with this new generation of developers, it’s only going to get stronger!

All of us here at Skyhook Games wish the students the best of luck! We’re very excited to see these creations come to life!

While attending, we also had the chance to meet some members of other gaming companies from nearby. On the left we find Matthew from Fallen Leaf, to the right is Jake from Ripstone! It was a pleasure to spend the morning with them and they certainly provided some expert feedback to the students. If you’re wondering who the chap in the middle is, it’s none other than your humble narrator! (By the way we are not posing for an album cover).

After the presentations we were given a guided tour through the impressive creative spaces available at LMA. The facilities are simply state of the art! From musical equipment, computer suites or the acting studios it was clear why it has such a high reputation.

We would like to thank LMA Liverpool very much for inviting us! It was a fantastic experience, the projects we saw clearly showed that the future of gaming is bright! Liverpool is a hotbed of talent when it comes to the arts, this certainly proved that.