Skyhook Games Summer Social 2023!

Last Friday, the skyhook team celebrated our annual summer social event! let me show you what we got up to!

Let the games begin!

The afternoon began with a presentation from our Managing Director, David Harper and Finance Director, Graham Chellew with a special guest, Head of Studio, Susan Burns. They took us through the achievements of the company in the last 12 months, as well as some exciting developments regarding future projects and plans to increase the Skyhook team in light of them! Unfortunately, we aren’t in a position to share the juicy details with you all just yet, but stay tuned to our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for when the news breaks!

This wasn’t simply a big performance review however, they also shared with us their vision of what they wanted for Skyhook in terms of maintaining the culture as we continue our growth. It was very reassuring to see the level of commitment form our senior management to maintaining a culture we have all enormously enjoyed working under! 

As Skyhook operates a hybrid working model, it isn’t often that we get a group of this size together! Some of us meeting one another for the first time after travelling from all over the country to be with us!

To the tempest!

After the presentation, another drink (or two) and a piece of yummy cake, it was time to put on the walking boots (or get an Uber) to Tempest on Tithebarn! One of our staff members was kind enough to organise a quiz for everyone! Aaron is quite the expert when it comes to putting together video game themed quizzes and thanks to him, everyone had a right good laugh throughout! Luckily the rain held off while we were up on the rooftop – it wouldn’t have provided the right vibe for the occasion! 

Take a look at some of our rooftop pics below! 

Let's Party...

The rain managed to stay away for a while but as the sky became more sinister, it seemed rain was closing in. Tempest kindly offered us a private area downstairs where we could continue the food & drink consumption, along with our playlist of banging tunes! It was here that we also find out the scores and announced the winners of the quiz, one of the prizes being a fabulous wooden spoon which you can see below! 

We’d like to thank the staff at Tempest for their wonderful hospitality and food during our time there! 

The night didn’t end here, in fact it carried on until the early hours of Saturday morning for some of us! Perhaps now isn’t the time to go share the events of the rest of the night! Maybe next time. 


Days like these are always the best! A big thank you to the members of the team who made the trip to Liverpool. Can’t wait to see you all again soon! If you’d like to become a member of the Skyhook Games team and join us on the next social event, we’re looking to fill a number of vacancies. Check out the full list here!