LMS on tour!

On Friday 8th April, Skyhook Games was down South at Tobacco Docks, London for WASD 2022. Lawn Mowing Simulator was featured at the Curve Games booth along with one of our in-game mowers from Stiga. Only difference is this particular mower wasn’t on a screen, as you can see! Managing Director David and Lead Designer Rick spent the day chatting with fellow game developers and checking out the terrific indie games on display. It’s always so exciting to see how the indie game scene is growing and watching all this exceptional talent turn into a completed project!

In particular, Rick was telling us how much he enjoyed Read Only Memories: Neurodiver from MidBoss. As for David, he was having a great time playing Silt from Spiral Circus and Fireshine Games.

Familiar Faces

Talking of our fellow game developers, we were delighted to receive a visit from our friends at FuturLab! The talented team behind PowerWash Simulator. They brought along with them this cheeky chappy, looking as cool as can be on the back of the mower! (Thanks for giving it a clean by the way). Always nice to catch up with you guys!

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