Exciting News...

Over the last couple of months, we have welcomed three new additions to Skyhook Games! We are so pleased with how well they have settled in. Let us take this opportunity to introduce them to you! 

Meet Our New Team Members

Andy Gahan has joined us as our new Art Outsource Manager! With his wealth of experience in the game industry we are so pleased to have him onboard!

Here’s some facts about Andy:

  1. The first game he worked on was Robocop 3D on Amiga.
  2. He has worked on over 20 releases including flight simulators, World Rally Championship series, Motorstorm series and mobile games. Furthermore, Andy has worked on military training systems for Jaguar & Tornado pilots, night vision and Warrior APC systems.
  3. Finally, Andy recently collaborated with members of Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar on a short film called Mila! The film has seen seriously impressive success at film festivals and eligible for Oscars this year (fingers crossed). 

Raj Saroye joins us as our new Assistant Producer! With his previous experience in production it is no surprise he has hit the ground running!

Here’s some facts about Raj:

  1. He lived in Toronto for several months and loved every second of it! 
  2. Raj’s first job was with British Aerospace! One task required him to sit in the cockpit of the Hawk 200 (the same model as the Red Arrows). He can’t tell us what he was doing for security reasons. 
  3. He knew at 11 the games industry was for him and in the summer of 2000 he achieved his goal. 

We would also like to welcome our new Digital Marketing Apprentice, Jack Downey! It may be his first role in the industry but he has made a great start! We can’t wait to watch him develop further.

Here’s some facts about Jack:

  1. He is quite the film fan, he spends quite a lot of money on expanding his vast movie collection.
  2. A firm believer that Batman Arkham City is the greatest game of all time. 
  3. Jack is also a proud supporter of the Mo Salah for the ballon d’or movement. 

Would you be interested in joining us? If so, take a look at our careers page! We’d love to hear from you!