how lawn mowing simulator got more twitch viewers than call of duty: warzone

Look, we get it. Comparing yourself to others? It’s not the best way to measure your self-worth. But given Lawn Mowing Simulator is a) our debut game and b) was briefly clocking up more viewers on Twitch than Call of Duty: Warzone…well, maybe you could indulge us just this one time if we promise not to make a habit of it?

If you’d told us six months ago that Lawn Mowing Simulator – the idea for which came because [Skyhook had been exploring ideas to work on as their first IP when the founder David Harper saw a group of landscape gardeners whizzing round on ride on mowers cutting the grass in his local park.  With Skyhook’s background working on Dovetail Games’ train and fishing simulator titles he saw the potential for a simulator game that focused on lawn care in the same genre as farming simulator and bus simulator] – would have touched the hearts and minds of our fellow lawn lovers like this, we’re not sure we’d have believed you. While we had unshakeable faith in the game and our fabulous team from the off, we can’t help but admit that the incredible response to our love-letter to British lawn-cutting has blown us away.

Here’s just a handful of the hundreds of positive messages and reviews we’ve received about Lawn Mowing Simulator since it launched just three weeks ago.

First up? Take this happy mower on Steam: “After just six hours of playing I quit my job and started playing this full-time. My lawn care business has become my top priority in life and I gotta see it through”.

Another, less verbose player gives their concise thoughts in just four words: “Sick lawn mowing action”.

“Finally I don’t have to wait for my actual grass to grow to mow again,” trills another delighted user. “Also you can mow these lawns while drinking naked and not get judged by your ‘neighbours’ or get tasered by the ‘police’.” *Polite notice: Skyhook Games takes no responsibility for tasered players, either in-game or out. Please mow responsibly.

Perhaps one of our greatest compliments, however, comes from The Silver Atlas. After a full day’s work as a professional lawn maintenance worker, The Silver Atlas comes home and unwinds by doing it all over again by playing Lawn Mowing Simulator! They’ve already sunk an astonishing 50+ hours into the game and say that for anyone “who wants to just get experience with equipment, this is an amazing game”.

“It can help you learn how each piece of equipment works, what to use, and where to use it,” Atlas says in their Steam review.

Even Limmy can’t help but be bewitched by his chilled-out chores in the lush British countryside:

So: our secret? It’s pretty simple, really – we love what we do.

Lawn Mower Simulator has been a labour of neatly-trimmed-love from day one. Every single thing we’ve crafted – from the gloriously green maps to the specifications of the equipment people like Atlas use in everyday life – has been done with care. We take pride in every detail, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant to some, and want our players to experience the authentic (and sometimes literal!) highs and lows of lawn mowing. We have had amazing support from our real world manufacturing partners.  They have provided access to their vehicles CAD data to ensure every model is accurate, invited us on test drive days to get the feel of each mower and record the audio.  They have also provided invaluable industry insights which we are very grateful for.

Yes, up until now, Skyhook Games has primarily worked to provide art and game development outsourcing to our fellow game makers. Yes, we still love working with our partners to make their assets the very best they can be. But we’ve always known we’ve had the spirit, skills, and smarts to make our very own games… and Lawn Mower Simulator sure has us off to a lush start. Fancy joining us for our next adventure?