Joseph’s Work Experience at Skyhook Games!

Last week we welcomed joseph to the skyhook games studio! on his final day, we asked him a few questions about his time with us!

How have you found your time at Skyhook, Joseph?

My time at Skyhook Games has been extremely informative and helpful. As someone who’s a third of their way through university, having the opportunity to come to an office, speak to the employees and generally being able to spend time in and around the office has been invaluable. I have been shown a wide variety of roles that are available in the games industry, this has given me a holistic view of not just the company itself, but also which ones I could personally consider for my career. Everybody at Skyhook has been extremely accommodating and welcoming, which has made the experience very smooth and enjoyable. The Skyhook team has treated me like an employee and with respect at all times, Susan (Head of Studio) did a brilliant job of organising and scheduling my work experience.


How has your time here helped you?

My time here has helped  immensely in my preparation for professional work after graduation. Being able to sit with employees from all parts of the company, for extensive periods of time, has been really insightful for as I have been given an idea of what the day to day is like for them. I also saw what kind of software/tools are used, I can now get an idea of what might be worth familiarising myself with before applying to jobs. Outside of this, being allowed to come into the office itself has been an eye-opening experience as it has allowed me to see what the working environment is like in this industry. The work experience at Skyhook has given me plenty to think about and act upon.


Was there any aspect of your learning that you particularly enjoyed?

I particularly enjoyed my time with Tom, Aaron and Brandon as we discussed programming. As I’m doing Computer Science at university, I’m very interested in the development side of the games industry, being given time with the developers was particularly enjoyable for me. I spoke with Tom about the different software’s that the developers at Skyhook and in general use, this was especially useful, it showed me where I should build my knowledge and give myself the best chance of breaking into the industry. Tom was extremely accommodating, he spent a lot of time speaking with me individually as well as answering all of my questions to a high level. Next, I Spoke to Aaron and Brandon, this was particularly useful as they are both fairly recent university graduates. They gave me tips on how to make the most out of my time at university and what their respective roles are within Skyhook. Speaking to employees at this stage of their career are was very reassuring, as they are in a similar position to where I would like to be after graduating.


How would you summarise your time here?

My time at Skyhook has been enjoyable and informative. I have been given a fantastic opportunity to spend time in a professional environment, and speak with many different employees who generously gave up time to sit with me. Skyhook has given me a taster of what it’s like to work in the games industry and how to break into it. This kind of information for somebody who isn’t yet thinking about full time career, but will be soon, is invaluable and will be put to good effect in the future.



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