Joe's Work Experience at Skyhook!

This week we welcomed Joe to the Skyhook Games Studio! As his week us with draws to a close, we asked him a few questions about his time with us!

How have you found your week at Skyhook?

My time at Skyhook has been fun and informative! The people here have been very welcoming and insightful, I never felt pressured over the course of my time here. 

How has your time here helped you? 

My placement here has developed my understanding of just how much work goes into game development from start to finish as well as how a community is grown out of the final product. It has also allowed me to get first hand experience of what being a Concept Artist is all about!  

Was there any aspect you particularly enjoyed? 

I enjoyed the freedom to be creative in my project and learning from members of the team who walked me though there role in the company. As concept art is a field I am very interested in, being able to get first hand experience of what it would be like to do it full time was incredibly useful.  

Summary of your time here. 

I have gained a vast amount of knowledge here, from having my first experience of VR, to creating my own drawings of characters. 

Not only did I learn about concept art, I also was shown how the artists go about modelling assets, community management on social media and how each member of the team has used their experiences to improve the quality of their work!


With Skyhook’s growth phase in full swing, we have a number of vacancies we’re looking to fill! Take a look at our careers page if you’re interested in becoming one of the team!