Jacob's Work Experience at Skyhook!

This week we welcomed Jacob to the Skyhook studio! Let's find out how he enjoyed his time here!

How have you found your week at Skyhook Jacob?

“Over the duration of the weeks’ work experience, I’ve learnt quite a bit about the industry, the people who work in it and how much fun making games can be! The week although abrupt in its end was fantastic, filling me with strong aspirations to work in the games industry in the future. Short way to describe it; Fun and friendly.”

How has your time here helped you?

“I’ve learnt many things! Going forward, my experiences here will shape not only my integration within a team, but also the quality and effort I put into each of my future projects. I know that although not easy, my choices in the future will be shaped by the interactions and conversations, I had with those here at Skyhook.”

Was there any aspect of your learning that you particularly enjoyed?

“I really enjoyed meeting all the fantastic people who work at Skyhook! Learning about their experiences, careers and routes into industry was very interesting. The time spent with others hearing their thoughts and opinions throughout my time was great. Really enjoyed it.
The strongest part of the learning experience was hearing about the educational advantages of pursuing a career in this industry. Also, seeing the job roles out there, building myself a portfolio and identifying the skills to reach the job instead of hoping I’ll know what to do straight out of university.”

“My time at Skyhook has been a fantastic experience! The people and work they produce are of a phenomenal standard and it makes me want to work even harder and achieve more. Personally, at the start of the week I found myself a little overwhelmed, never really having been in a proper games studio before but I was surrounded by helpful and caring people who are always there if you need aid!

Overall my time at Skyhook, although brief, has been very fun, enjoyable, and meaningful! Hopefully I’ll come across some of the brilliant people I met here once again!”


During his time here, Jacob had the opportunity to get to know a few of our previous projects! If you’d like to find out more about Skyhook’s body of work, take a look at our Case Studies page!