Now, sure, we know that lawn mowing is sometimes seen as a chore. It’s not something that most people leap out of bed to do, but when making Lawn Mowing Simulator we knew that there would be a bunch of folks as excited as us at the prospect of hopping on a digital ride-on mower, but we really didn’t think it’d be this many!

We’re a sucker for statistics here at Skyhook Games. We love to see numbers and graphs, even the dreaded Excel cells we’re all so familiar with strike a chord in our hearts, so let’s take a look at some numbers for Lawn Mowing Simulator!

We’ll start with Twitch; the internet’s biggest video game streaming service! Since launch, players have watched 861,214 hours of Lawn Mowing Simulator! In terms of real lawn mowing time, on a Scag Patriot, you could mow 3,444,856 acres of lawn in the number of hours our humble game has been watched on Twitch! Up to now, 6,781 individual broadcasters from Twitch have streamed their endeavors to hit the fabled 100% perfectly cut lawn. On top of this, we’ve had some huge content creators check out their new favorite digital hobby, including Lirik, Limmy, xQcOW, ProfessorBroman and Sodapoppin!

As for YouTube, fans have absolutely loved watching their favourite creators get knee deep in unkempt grass. We’ve seen a lot of extremely creative ways to reach that perfect cut, people mowing Xbox logos in the lawn and various other companies logos have been flowing in the breeze too. YouTube star Markiplier always wanted to mow a lawn and we’re extremely glad we’ve been able to provide that for him!

Markiplier, Lawn Mowing Simulator

There have been hundreds of videos featuring our debut release, but Drae really took to the groundwork with a multi-part series featuring his rise from solo-mowing to industry legend. 

Lawn Mowing Simulator, Drae

How about some reviews from our wonderful users?! Well, over on Steam, 1,047 users have given us feedback which has resulted in a Mostly Positive review score! We really appreciate the time people take to leave a review, and if you’ve yet to do it, you can do it on our Steam page.Lawn Mowing Simulator, Steam Reviews

Over on Xbox, 175 players have left a review, and we’ve got a 41% 5 star rating! If you’re planning on downloading Lawn Mowing Simulator when it comes to Xbox Game Pass, don’t forget you can leave a review to help other players in their choice to get mowing!Lawn Mowing Simulator, Xbox ratings

Since we began talking about Lawn Mowing Simulator over on our Twitter page, we’ve seen it all. From excitement of Ancient Britain and Dino Safari to lawns disappointed by their owners, announcing Lawn Mowing Simulator coming to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5, featuring on E4, players patiently waiting for Strimmers (it’s out now!). We’ve been truly humbled by the reaction to our debut release, and we can’t thank fans enough for all of their comments. Keep them coming! 

That’s it for this blog, we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading some of the numbers behind Lawn Mowing Simulator! As always, it’s best to keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram for updates; and if you’re interested in joining us, check out our Careers page where you might find a role just for you.