How we came to make Lawn Mowing Simulator

It’s funny how inspiration strikes, isn’t it? Perhaps it’s an idle thought in the shower. The twinkle of an idea on your train home. Maybe the seed of your last project grew from watching professionals quickly – and expertly – mow the lawn in the local park one sunny afternoon?

Oh wait, no – that was us!

For some people, lawn mowing is something we’ve never done nor really thought about. For others, it’s a mundane chore, or inextricably tied to childhood memories of jam sandwiches on Sunday afternoons at your grandparents’ home. But when our boss David stood watching professional landscapers that memorable afternoon, a compelling gameplay loop was already beginning to form in his mind. The delicate balance between doing a job well and doing it quickly, and all without mishaps. What must it be like to mow lawns for a living? What kind of equipment do they use? What’s the difference between an average ride-on mower and a gold-standard one? Wait: are there gold-standard ride-on mowers?! 

For every question, we sought out an answer, and with every answer, we fell a little bit more in love with lawn mowing and Lawn Mowing Simulator was born

In case you’re wondering… it’s not just us fascinated by neatly-trimmed grass, by the way. There are lawn mowing “ASMR” videos on YouTube with thousands – sometimes millions! – of views. It’s not quite the niche pastime that some first think, and that gave us confidence to throw everything we had into LMS.

Before we started, though, you could write what we knew about professional mowing on the back of a postage stamp. That’s why we dedicated so much time at the beginning of our journey to make sure we really knew what the job entailed (possibly “more than we needed”, admits our boss now).

We spent days and weeks and months researching those big machines, figuring out how they work and why they work that way. We went to lawn mower conventions and reached out to manufacturers, asking their advice and inviting them to showcase their products in the game. That’s why the technical details of our mowers are precise, and their affect on the lawn – David calls it “grass tech” – is so exact. When we say Lawn Mowing Simulator is a simulator, we’re not kidding; we were committed from the start to doing this right and doing it properly. Did you catch that documentary about the over-the-top elements of lawn mowing? No? Well, we did! 

So yes, the tech aspects are precise and yes, we’re super proud of how accurate it is, right down to the smallest detail. But perhaps more importantly, we like to think Lawn Mowing Simulator gives you the satisfaction of a job well done without any of the drama, especially as there’s no hayfever interrupting your zen experience here. And just like our players, we too take great pride and satisfaction in a job well done (and if you do, too, we’re hiring!).

As for what’s next? Watch this neatly-trimmed space. We’ve seen our community talk about wanting to expand their landscaping tools and equipment, and we’ll have more to say about that soon, we promise. We reckon it’s a surprise that will blow you away…