Evie's Skyhook Experience!

It's been a pleasure to welcome Evie to the Skyhook studio this week for her one week work experience placement! As her time with us is coming to a close, we sat with her to find out how she has enjoyed the week!

So Evie, how have you found your week at Skyhook?

My week here has been very informative and I’ve had so much fun! I was quite nervous about doing work experience, but everyone has been extremely welcoming and very understanding! I’ve learned a lot about the industry that I otherwise wouldn’t have, as well as being introduced to so much that I’d like to learn more about in the future. Programs such as Houdini were extremely interesting!

How has your time here helped you?

Spending time at Skyhook and shadowing the team has really helped me! I’ve developed a much better understanding of what goes into game development. I thought I knew a lot more than I did! I’ve learned a lot about 3D modelling and design that I didn’t know previously. Also I’ve been introduced to really useful resources that I can use in future work, especially when I go to university. For example, being shown how 3D modelling can be used to create concept art with tools like fSpy and Blender.

My time here has also helped me understand what working in a studio setting feels like, which is something I was particularly worried about when considering my future career. I feel better prepared for any job I might encounter when I’ve completed my course!

Was there any aspect of your learning that you particularly enjoyed?

I really enjoyed being able to work on the project Skyhook set for me. Especially having the freedom to work independently and express my creativity through my artwork! Which is always something I’m happy to do. As well as the project though, I really liked sitting with the team and learning about different aspects of game development. It’s not just something I’m really interested in, but also hearing about it from people who are passionate about their work is always really engaging.

I’ve had a great week with Skyhook and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, I really looked forward to coming in every day!

After this week, I’m particularly more motivated to develop my skills in 3D modelling as well as my own art. Seeing everybody’s work has really inspired me! I look forward to putting to use the valuable resources that I’ve been given during this week as well as continuing to learn more in the future.

Thank you to everyone at Skyhook for making this week really great!


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