Here at Skyhook Games we love our pets down to our fur babies and plant babies!

Take a look at some of the pets we have here at the studio and a small snippet about them from their owners.

Pedro | Albino Ferret

“Pedro enjoys long walks in the park, climbing trees, stealing things from bags and hiding socks.”

Christina Harper

Drago | Bearded Dragon

Drago likes to chase and eat bugs, be hand fed dandelion flowers and warm up on a human.”

Rick Payne

Sandy | Rabbit/Destroyer of Worlds

“Sandy likes to play in the garden, look cute, and will destroy office equipment when it’s unattended.”

David Harper

Bertie, George, Stitch and Geoffrey | Budgies

“These four birds like to chirp, devour millet in seconds and fly around the room as fast as possible.”

Daniel Burgess

George | Dog

“Gicu is a Romanian shepherd mix and is a natural livestock guardian dog.  He either thinks I am sheep, or he somewhere has sheep, because he spends most of his day barking at strangers who he thinks are after his sheep.  We have no sheep.”

Michael Davies

Boo | Cat

“Boo is a rescue from Huyton, who when we took to the vet we found out his original name on his microchip was Phil.”

Michael Davies

Olivia | Cat

Prefers to be the centre of attention, can’t quite get to grips with me remote working, likes chicken.”

Adam Mitchell

Lenny | Dog

“Lenny loves long walks, play fighting and stealing food from people when they are not looking.”

Lewis McDonough

Ayesha | Cat

“Eater of Worlds, Collector of Souls and actually owns me…”

Marc Stewart

Jack | Dog

We can rarely get a photo of him.. He’s usually just a blur!”

Susan Burns

Nocilla | Plant

“I took this as a tiny sprig with five leaves in Barcelona in June 2019, brought it back 900 miles and now look at it!”

David Blakeborough