Skyhook Games Christmas Party 2021

On Friday the 3rd of December, team Skyhook for the first time in two years ventured out into Liverpool. It was our long-awaited Christmas party and what a night it was! Stick with me as we take a journey through the events of that evening.

PINS Social Club

4 lanes, 4 teams, 2 games, alcohol. Great combination! I can’t speak for everyone, but some of us got quite competitive as we went on and none more so than Dan. Now he may look like a chilled-out kind of fella who’s just happy to be here. But you’d be wrong! On the inside this is a fierce warrior (just without the skill). As things progressed some even abandoned the usual goal of bowling and scoring the most points. Instead they decided to pursue getting the fastest and slowest bowling speed. This made for an intense showdown for at least for one individual, who shall remain nameless… I was quite proud when I got the fastest bowl though. I think I can vouch for everyone when we say PINS was epic! It’s fair to say the Skyhook Christmas Party 2021 got off to a great start.

Sapporo Teppanyaki

After a couple of hours of high-level bowling, it was time for the Skyhook team to leave PINS and make our way up the road to Sapporo’s for some delicious Japanese cuisine. Hats off to the chefs, they put on quite the show with some impressive theatrics. People don’t usually like chips being thrown at them by someone they haven’t met, but these guys managed to make it very exciting. Of course, not only are they great entertainers but also talented chefs who produce top quality food. It was here we decided to get our group photo taken before heading off for more activities.

Boston Pool Loft

For most of us the final stop was Boston Pool Loft in Concert Square, Liverpool. We saw a little of the competitiveness come back out in a couple of Shuffleboard games. One Table Tennis match had me hooked with some clear ability on display. The game of Beer Pong you can see here went on for quite a while. It took some of us until the final stages of the game to get our aim on point, but by that time the game was only a few throws away from being lost. Fair play to the winning team, no worries we’ll get them next time. A few stayed out even later, but perhaps that’s a tale for another time…


This was such a brilliant night, we’ve waited for such a long time to do this again and it really was great to see everyone, and I know I speak for all of us when I say can’t wait to do it again next year. If you want to join out team, click here.