This week, Rex has been completing his work experience placement in our studio!

How have you found this week Rex?

“I’ve absolutely loved my work experience at Skyhook games! I’ve learned so much about the games industry, the various career paths within it, how games are developed and how they are marketed. It has helped me expand upon my very basic knowledge of various software programs, (mainly blender) and even learn about new ones, such as Houdini, which I found fascinating and really enjoyed learning about. Some highlights were; observing about how real-life/google maps references are used to develop Train Simulator World/TSW routes; seeing a list of the various careers in the industry; discovering Houdini and how it is used in large projects; seeing Lewis’ (who is very talented!) use the mesh scaling tool. I also spent some time going through marketing tasks; I was shown how to optimize language for websites and social media posts. 

I have loved every part of it, those were just some of my favourite topics!

Skyhook Games, Work Experience

Before my work experience at Skyhook, I thought I knew a decent amount about the games industry and the work that goes into making them! After learning about so many new careers, programs, methods and ideas, I now realize how big this industry truly is! I’m looking forward to finding out even more about it. Some parts were a little confusing (like certain texture, lighting or track placement features/techniques) but I look forward to learning more about them.

I’m very sure that I want a career in the games industry, my time at Skyhook has made me want to develop my limited skillset relating to game development much more! Also, everyone has been extremely welcoming and helpful. Susan organized a plan for me which has really boosted my knowledge, and I very much appreciate this.

It’s been such a pleasure having my work experience here and I have looked forward to coming in every day. I’m going to try and stay in touch and hopefully apply to work at Skyhook when I am older and have gained more experience. Thanks to everyone at Skyhook for making my work experience amazing!”

It’s been a pleasure to have Rex with us this week! We’ve been so impressed with his attitude and the quality of his work! All of us wish him the very best and are looking forward to seeing how he develops in the coming years!

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