olivia’s work experience at skyhook games

over the last 2 weeks, olivia has been completing her work experience placement with us. as we enter her final day, we sat down with her to find out how she enjoyed her time at the studio!

How have you found your time at Skyhook?

“I have really enjoyed it! I feel like I settled in very quickly which made the first few days easy for me. These 2 weeks have been extremely useful for me, I’ve learned so much about the roles within the games industry! This has helped me develop a clearer idea of what type of job I would like to go for in the future.”

How has your time here helped you? 

“The last couple of weeks have shown me a variety of aspects relating to the games industry, as well as helped me understand everyone’s role in more detail. Also, I feel as though I have improved my communication skills. I have learned to communicate better over email, and interacting with a new group of people simply by being in the office has boosted my social skills.”

During Olivia’s first week, she even took part in Striide‘s Sports Day with the Skyhook team! It was here she discovered a talent for Axe Throwing!

Was there any aspect you particularly enjoyed? 

“I really enjoyed the design project I was set, I found that bit particularly fun! I also enjoyed speaking to people one to one and learning about how their roles affect the overall projects. For example, I liked talking with Shannon (Assistant Producer), she showed me the importance of clear communication and how it is vital to creating a successful project. I enjoyed this as I didn’t know too much about the gaming industry prior to these 2 weeks, seeing how even small tasks can make such a huge difference has really changed my perspective.”

How would you summarise your time with us? 

“My time here has massively changed my view of how companies operate. Seeing how so many different jobs and departments come together to achieve a goal has really opened my eyes! I now have much more clarity on where I would like to focus my future career!”

During her time at the studio, Olivia got to have an in depth look at our projects as well as a sneak peek at some new ones… If you’d like to find out more about Skyhook’s body of work, take a look at our case studies page!