9 iconic Heritage Liveries have arrived in Train Sim World 3!

These new locomotives are available to run in TSW3, experienced through a selection of scenarios, or chosen to be operated in Timetable Mode on the Horseshoe Curve: Altoona – Johnstown & South Fork route! 

This pack has been designed for the iconic Horseshoe Curve route but it is by no means essential! You can can still rock any of these locomotives and liveries on any Train Sim World route. 

Locos & Liveries

8100 Nickel Plate Road


8025 Monongahela Railway


8104 Lehigh Valley


8102 Pennsylvania Railroad


8105 Interstate Railroad


8114 Original Norfolk and Southern 


8101 Central of Georgia 


8099 Southern Railroad


8103 Norfolk & Western

New Scenarios & Services

6 Scenarios:

  • Altoona Alignment: Bring together all the heritage locomotives for a photo opportunity at the Altoona Museum.
  • Portage Process: Move empty coal gondolas from Rose Yard to Portage Mine.
  • Galitzin Around: Assist a westbound Manifest between Rose Yard and Gallitzin.
  • Miner Inconvenience: Manage a coal train along the difficult South Fork branch between Windber and Johnstown.
  • Knowing the Wye: Turn two locomotives at the Cresson Wye in prep for the next run.
  • Gathering Gondolas: Haul empty coal gondolas down to the Windber loading facility.


Timetable Services
All locomotives available to select for any ES44AC timetable service on Horseshoe Curve.

Livery Designer Support
2 variants – With and without the nose door window

Scenario Designer Support
10 formations available for each locomotive


The Norfolk Southern Heritage Livery Collection can be purchased as a Locomotive Add-On to Train Sim World 3 for £9.99!

Available now on, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Epic Games Store!


If you’d like to pick up Horseshoe Curve, it’s available now on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Epic Games Store!