Lux’s Week at Skyhook Games!

This week we welcomed Wirral Metropolitan College student, Lux to the Skyhook studio! As her time with us has now come to a close, we asked her a few questions about her experience here!

How have you found your time at Skyhook? 

I’ve had an extremely fun time working at Skyhook Games for the week! I could let myself be as creative as possible, and let all my weirdest ideas come to fruition with just a pen and a piece of paper! No one coming over with an (immediate) no or telling me to change it. I’ve just let my brain run and been myself throughout the creative process. I’ve put down the most creative ideas I’ve had in a while! I’ve always enjoyed drawing and being creative, so being able to put those down as official work is very gratifying,  my ideas are appreciated for what they are and seen as useful.

The staff have been extremely kind (particularly Susan!) and patient with me. I’m still learning the ropes, so I’m a bit clumsy and shaky at most things, but they made me feel like I fit right in, despite this being my first time in the games industry.

The overall experience was very fitting to my taste. It wasn’t stressful or overwhelming in the slightest. I looked forward to coming back every morning!


How has your time here helped you?

I’ve learned a lot in a very short amount of time. I’ve learned about the inner workings of what makes a games studio function, and what every person puts into it to make it work. The different roles and responsibilities in Skyhook looked very similar on the surface, but when you get into it, they’re all quite different. All of these jobs involve intricate details and tasks that can take ages to perfect. I really respect the work that people put in to make games what they are. From the developers to the artists, it’s all very impressive and I really liked learning about the different roles.

Being at Skyhook Games for my work experience helped me gain the insight I needed to learn how to break into the video game industry. I also gained experience, skills, and knowledge from my visit that I can put into my future work. Everyone here is really skilled and creative which made me more confident in my own ideas.


Was there any aspect of your learning that you particularly enjoyed?

All of the things I learned were really interesting, but I particularly enjoyed learning how to design concept characters, levels and other designs. I really enjoyed creating concept characters that fit in with certain themes, the challenge of making the designs work together and not look out of place with each other. Drawing and refining the concept characters and levels was a really fun process. I learned to change and replace certain aspects to be more exciting or simple.


How would you summarise your time here?

Every single thing I learned here will all go towards making a future career for myself in the industry. I’m aiming to become a concept artist or designer, and it was all extremely valuable for someone in their last year of college. I’d like to progress with this field of work in the future, and maybe to even do work experience here again someday! Everyone and everything here has been extremely helpful and I really appreciate everything I have learned here. I’m also very grateful for the patience of the kind staff, as I have autism, I can be a little socially awkward!

I’m looking forward to putting all these skills and information to good use in the not-so-distant future. Everything learned will not go to waste and I’m going to use this experience as much as I can. I’d like to thank everyone at Skyhook for giving me such important knowledge and skills for the future!



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