You've heard the inspiration behind our locations in Lawn Mowing Simulator, now let's take a deep dive into Dino Safari!

Where did the idea for Dino Safari come from?

We wanted to have the player mow a theme park of some sort, after throwing a few ideas around, someone said, “How fun it would be to mow Jurassic Park!” It was at this moment Dino Safari was born.


Game Lore

Dino Safari was built during the great dino craze of the 90s following the release of Jurassic Park. The park owners had all the dinosaurs made based on the science of the day, this is why none of them have the feathers some believe should be on certain dinosaurs.

They never got round to, they didn’t have the money to remodel the animatronic dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park Fences

Throughout the Dino Safari, at every location, danger signs can be found on the fences. These are a refence to similar signs found in the hit 90s movie Jurassic Park.

The Volcano

Throughout the park, a volcano is visible! This is a global landmark to indicate where in the park each location is found, as there are 4 locations this volcano can be found at either the Northern, Southern, Eastern or Western part of a location to indicate where it is situated. Very much like the castle in Disneyland.

Lava Java

The Cretaceous Café; this location includes a giant novelty coffee mug with the coffee replaced with lava. This was done to keep with the theme of the volcanoes that pop up around Dino Safari! 

If you take a closer look at the menus, you’ll find a selection of novelty items in the selection!

Established during the dino craze!

The T-Rex Paddock features ticket booths that indicate the year the park was established, this is another refence to Jurassic Park as it indicates the park was built 1 year after the movie’s initial 1993 release.

The Dino Safari Jeep

The Jeep featured in the T-Rex Paddock is loosely based on the Jeeps used by the characters in Jurassic Park.

"Where's the Goat?"

One of the iconic scenes in 90s cinema. The T-Rex bursting escaping its enclosure in Jurassic Park, if you’re familiar with this scene, you’ll know the kids notice the Goat has been taken from its pod! Well, here is our homage to a piece of film history! 

Dino Safari Achievements

  1. “Spared No Expense” – a quote regularly spoken by John Hammond when referring to the creation of Jurassic Park.
  2. “Don’t go into the long grass” – another quote from ‘Jurassic Park: The Lost World’. The character Ajay Sidhu warns of the Raptors. 
  3. “Clever Girl” – the final words (besides the screams) of Muldoon as he realises the Raptors have snuck up on him.
  4. “We have a T-Rex” – another quote from John Hammond as he shows Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler around Jurassic Park.
  5. “Welcome to Dino Safari” – you probably don’t need me to tell you this! But I will anyway, its a play on words of the iconic quote, “Welcome to Jurassic Park”.


Interested in discovering these locations yourself? Dino Safari is available now on SteamXbox One, Series S|XPlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Epic Games Store