happy birthday

time flies

Time certainly flies when you are mowing lawns..! It’s been an amazing first year for Lawn Mowing Simulator, and we could not be more proud with what it has achieved. The game has brought together a wonderful community that we love interacting with on our social media platforms. We know real life can sometimes be stressful, so with LMS we wanted to provide a challenging, yet zen-like experience for players to escape into and unwind. It’s great to see that the community picked up on this too. A lot of those who get in touch through our Twitter page tell us how relaxing they have found it, and see it as a nice change of pace from either their everyday lives, or the more stressful games in their libraries. Some are coming home from a day in work or at school and need to chill, some have spent a few hours in a high pressure, first person shooter, and want to cool down by mowing the lawn of the Raptor Enclosure. We have had some very touching messages from a number of players who have told us they play Lawn Mowing Simulator because they have found the calming atmosphere of the game has helped them through some tough times with their mental health. To know that our game has helped people like this is truly priceless.

journey across the platforms

Lawn Mowing Sim was launched on Steam and Xbox Series X|S, and garnered excellent exposure from streamers such as Markiplier, a YouTuber with over 33 million subscribers playing the game, with his videos having had a combined 5.6 million views! As for Twitch, up to today, 25,219 hours have been spent viewing streamers who are playing Lawn Mowing Sim! There was even a stage where LMS had more viewers than Call of Duty (I promise that’s the last time I’ll use that). All of this has led to the game being released on Xbox Game PassXbox OneEpic Games StorePlayStation 4 and 5. Recently we also released physical copies of the game for PlayStation, they’re available now in the UK and EU and will be coming August 19th in the USA. To have our game on so many platforms is truly amazing and we are thrilled to be able to bring our game to an even bigger audience.

our dlc’s

The first year of Lawn Mowing Sim has seen us launching two paid expansion packs; Ancient Britain in late 2021, and Dino Safari in March 2022 . We are extremely happy with the reception each of them received and will hopefully have some news to share about further releases soon. We always love seeing the gameplay you share with us, whether you’re taking a strimmer to an ancient ruin or just leisurely mowing your way through Herbivore Valley, be sure to keep those videos coming in!

It’s hard to believe it was one year since release but we’ve enjoyed every step of the journey so far. All of us at Skyhook would like to thank everyone who has played the game, follows/interacts with us on social media and we can’t wait to share more exciting news with you all soon! All that’s left to say is. Happy Birthday Lawn Mowing Simulator!