We made use of our 3D Modelling, texturing and gameplay design skills to bring the Norfolk Southern Heritage Collection to Train Sim World!

What is the Norfolk Southern Heritage Collection?

The Norfolk Southern Heritage Collection consists of nine liveries for the ES44AC Diesel Locomotive that comes with the Horseshoe Curve railroad for Train Sim World.


What was the task at hand? 

To accurately recreate the intricate detail and lines of nine unique designs applied to the same rail vehicle.


What services did we provide?

Development of the pack required the involvement of many disciplines. 3D Modelling, texturing, gameplay design and creation, marketing, localisation, testing and after sales support. 


What was the process we followed to complete the task?

  • Skyhook Games identified the potential to expand the locomotive offering for the Horseshoe Curve railroad in Train Sim World. 
  • Reference material of the prototypes was gathered, our team then set to work on creating the art. 
  • Gameplay opportunities were explored, agreed and developed with placeholder vehicles.
  • Once the artwork was completed, the assets were substituted into the gameplay allowing the localisation, testing and marketing phases to begin. 
  • With everything in place and all parties happy, the project was submitted to the publisher for processing and release.
  • Finally, following a period of player engagement and feedback, a package of improvements and updates were developed as part of a continued effort by Skyhook Games to maintain a high level of quality and enjoyment.

Take a look at the liveries below!


It’s been great to work once again with the creative team at Dovetail Games. Our team had a great time developing the different photorealistic liveries for the Heritage Collection! 

We would like to thank Dovetail Games for their support and guidance throughout the progression of this pack. 


Train Sim World 3: Norfolk Southern Heritage Livery Collection Add-On is available now on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Epic Games Store


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