We provided support to Team 17 for set design, placement and modelling on Marauders!

“Skyhook Games helped us scale up on 3D modelling and level art capacity for Marauders.  They embedded themselves quickly and painlessly, gave clear guidance on progress throughout, and exceeded benchmarks for both time and quality of delivery.

Their professionalism, experience and communication had a real positive impact on development.  Team17 look forward to working with Skyhook again in the future and are happy to recommend their services.”

Lorraine Kennerly, Studio Outsourcing Manager, Team17 Digital Ltd.


What is Marauders?

Marauders is a sci-fi tactical first person looter shooter, which launched on the 3rd of October 2022 to Steam. Developed by Small Impact Games and published by Team17, the game allows you to navigate solo, or in a squad of up to three players, through hostile environments as you salvage gear and weaponry to help you survive. 

What did we do?

Team17 and Small Impact Games provided us with concept art of how they envisaged the scene. Then, we collaborated with the client to create a library of unique prop assets such as APC’s and Mechanical Lifts to bring the scene to life and add a sense of dynamism. Once this was completed, it was our job to take these assets and dress the level’s environment according to the concept.

How did we finish the job?

Once we had identified what was required to complete the project, we broke the operation down into tasks, identifying hero props and areas, then prioritised each piece of work accordingly. Furthermore, a review schedule was established with Team17, which always ensured that we had total visibility on progress and an opportunity to feedback.

Once the development window began, the art team worked to a pre-agreed structure in sprints.


Take a look at some examples of our work below!


We grouped the artists together based on their skillset, and level of experience necessary to meet the requirements of the tasks. Our adaptability allowed us to streamline the process, which ensured that the deadline was met early and the work was of high quality.

We would like to thank Team 17 and Small Impact Games for the opportunity to work on this project and we wish them all the very best with the release!

We have further projects in the pipeline which we can’t wait to share more details about! Until then, take a look at some of the projects we have worked on previously on our Case Studies page. Or, if you’re interested in joining Skyhook, why not take a look at our Careers page!