Team expansion to assist Lucid Games' environment creation for Destruction Allstars

The Game

Lucid Games Destruction Allstars title is an Arena based multiplayer vehicle combat game, incorporating elements of Destruction Derby and multiplayer mayhem to Playstation 5


Skyhook were approached to provide a team extension of 6 to support the building of 4 arenas set in two different cities.  As the project progressed our expertise and experience was stretched to provided artists to aid the character building process, and for vehicle reskins for this great game


We sourced and project managed the best available talent assembling a team of artists working in house where experience, quality, and consistency was key.  We were also able to scale our clients requirements to meet peaks in production, and to aid project management with one point of contact to help deliver their important project


  • Lucid provided us with the white boxed arena shell (built in Unreal)
  • Our team converted the shell visually into an optimized clean mesh, to match with the one fully realised arena
  • Each arena was then dressed according to it’s design layout, adding the inner barriers and wall runs, and other important gameplay features
  • We then built the stadium that surrounded each arena, and the immediate city vicinity around the stadium
  • Owing to Spanish copyright laws we had to work within certain parameters as the Barcelona city surround could only be built in a stylised fashion without being able to use actual real world buildings  
  • The concourse outside the stadium was designed from concept to actualisation by our team
  • As a team extension we were also on hand to go above and beyond to help with any other art tasks that arose, and as such built several of the backstage areas
  • As the project progressed, as well as environment artists, our team scaled to match our clients demands as we also supplied character artists and vehicle artists to aid with the vehicle reskins in Substance Painter







Arenas were set in Barcelona and Tokyo, with two variations of each arena for differing gameplay


Our brief to supply a team of six environment artists was extended as our client relied and trusted us to continually stretch our art and project management skills.  We responded, from an original environment art team extension brief to a team expansion brief which also included character artists, and vehicle artists.

We value our relationship with Lucid Games and feel proud that they trusted us to deliver certain aspects which helped to raise their awesome game.

4 Arenas, 2 Cities

6 artists, 12 months

Modelling, Textures,

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