Bringing electric mowers and a new string trimmer into fresh LMS environments

What had to be done?

Skyhook worked in collaboration with EGO Power Plus and Stiga, to bring new electric mowers as well as an electric string trimmer into LMS.

Furthermore, we also brought in three brand new glamping environments into the game! As the term, “Staycation” was being used a lot in the UK during the Pandemic, we had first planned to design a caravan park but as we looked into it, we found an image of a glamping pod. This captured the imagination of the team and so we got to work!

How did we create the assets?

  • We modelled the equipment using reference files provided by the manufacturer. 
  • The design team set to work on documenting all features of the equipment to be replicated in game. Code also began adding in scripts as well as the physics components.
  • With all this in place, we visited the manufacturer. Using the real world equipment, we took recordings of the mowers in operation so we could best recreate the feel in game.
  • Audio and code then worked together to implement the audio to the equipment in game.
  • Finally, the equipment came to design. Handling and performance of the assets, tweaking the acceleration, braking curves etc. to recreate the  behaviour of the assets as accurately as possible. 

Take a look at the new content in game!


Its’s been great to see that the community have responded so positively to the update. We have more exciting news to share in the near future so keep your eyes peeled! If you have any environments you would like to see in game, be sure to let us know via our socials! 

Also, we would like to thank EGO Power Plus and Stiga for their support throughout all stages of development. It was a pleasure to bring these high quality pieces of equipment to virtual life! 

As we continue our latest growth period, we are looking for even more talented individuals to join us! Take a look at our careers page to see our current vacancies, or send in your CV to [email protected]