The Game

Lawn Mowing Simulator allows you to delve into the serene British Countryside on real world licenced mowers. These include prestigious manufacturers such as Toro, Sitga and Stag. LMS enables you to experience the day to day running of your lawn mowing business while exploring the charming scenery on display.

How LMS came to be

The idea came into the mind of our Managing Director one afternoon as he observed landscapers at work in the park. It was that moment that led development on the project to commence in January of 2020 and was released in August 2021 to Steam and Xbox Series S|X. As of the 10th March 2022, Lawn Mowing Simulator is available on Xbox One. We brought together our highly skilled team here at Skyhook with our publisher Curve Games to bring our vision to life.


Following the launch of Lawn Mowing Simulator, we were overwhelmed by the positive responses. As well as having our game on platforms such as Steam, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4 and 5! We are very proud of how our first IP has done so far. However, there is much more to come from Lawn Mowing Simulator so stay tuned!